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School Sports Decrease the Likelihood of Smoking

October 23, 2017

Students who are active in sports are significantly less likely to smoke cigarettes than other students, according to a new study out of Charleroi, Belgium.

A questionnaire on smoking, knowledge of tobacco risks, and the impact of media and school on smoking habits was completed by 208 students (ages 14 to 20 years) in a Belgium school.

Of the students involved in less than 3 hours of sports per week, 70 percent of the boys smoked and 66 percent of the girls smoked.

These smoking rates dropped to 64 percent of boys and 57 percent of girls among the students who participated in sports for 8 or more hours per week.

Survey results also show that the media's messages about tobacco have a bigger impact on students than messages they are taught in school.

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Jennifer Stawarz
American College of Chest Physicians