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Regenetech Achieves A 60-Fold Increase Of Adult Stem Cells Through Its cellXpansion™ Process

May 04, 2017

Regenetech, Inc., the adult stem cell company which has built upon NASA licensed technology, announced that the Company has significantly augmented its cell multiplication capabilities for CD34+38- peripheral blood progenitor cells (adult stem cells). These new results were achieved through the continued development of cell culture conditions for Regenetech's proprietary and patented Intrifuge™ cellXpansion™ technology. Developing a significant and reliable technology for adult stem cell growth and multiplication currently represents one of the most significant barriers preventing more widespread autologous adult stem cell therapeutic use.

Under the new, improved growth conditions, the number of adult stem cells increased by 50-200 times the original number, an achievement accomplished in as few as 6 days. Compared to other serum-free media, the optimized Regenetech formulation yields considerably higher cell numbers than were previously achievable, significantly enhancing the market competitiveness and commercial potential of the cellXpansion™ technology.

David Bonner, CEO of Regenetech, said: "We are delighted with the progress that the team has made. This is a significant step forward for our technology, and we are excited about what it will allow us to do in the future in terms of providing doses of adult stem cells to help patients. This development will demonstrate to the wider industry that adult stem cells can be expanded in three-dimensional conditions to achieve therapeutic doses for autologous use. We believe this technology will have a significant impact on many treatments and will bring us even closer to realizing the potential for treating diseases through the use of expanded adult stem cells."

Regenetech's technology uses NASA based technologies which were discovered in space experiments in which adult stem cells and tissue are grown in a weightless three-dimensional environment. The stem cells are harvested from the patient's own blood and multiplied in Regenetech's IntrifugeTM Bioreactor in order to achieve therapeutic quantities for re-introduction into the original patient. The technology is capable of producing therapeutic quantities of adult stem cells rapidly and at reasonable cost. Regenetech is licensing the technology broadly to ensure the technology is available for general use by researchers and commercial operators.