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Predator-specific Camouflage In Chameleons

October 16, 2017

A crucial problem for most animals is how to deal with different types of predator, which have different sensory capabilities and hunting strategies.

Some animals alter their defensive behaviour, depending on the predator.

We show that chameleons, through their remarkable ability to change colour, alter their camouflage.

Chameleons consistently matched the background more closely in response to a bird than a snake, yet they appear more camouflaged to a snake's visual system because snakes have poorer colour vision.

By taking a 'predator's eye view', we show how chameleons subtly adjust their camouflage to predators with different visual capabilities.

Royal Society journal Biology Letters

Biology Letters publishes short, high-quality articles from across the biological sciences. The journal is characterised by stringent peer-review, rapid publication and broad dissemination of cutting-edge research communications.