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Obesity Rates Among American Women Falling

June 20, 2017

While more and more children and adult males are becoming obese in the USA, rates for women seem to be falling. 33.2% of American women were obese in 2004, a slight drop from 33.4% in 2000. This is the first bit of encouraging news regarding the ever-increasing weight of Americans in general over the last twenty years.

Healthcare professionals in the USA say this offers a glimmer of hope. If women adopt healthier lifestyles, this could eventually be passed on to other members of the family.

Unfortunately, men and children are putting on the weight faster than women are losing it.

Why are women bucking the trend?

There could be many reasons. Here are some opinions we received from health care professionals and members of the public:

-- Women tend to seek professional help more than men do (for health).

-- Compliance is better among women (women are better at following instructions, either on a label, or from the people they went to see about a health problem).

-- More literature aimed at women (women's magazines) offer useful advice on weight management and general health, in comparison to literature aimed at men.

-- Women have become better informed about health and nutrition than men (related to the previous point).

-- This sudden slight drop in obesity levels among women could just be a blip.

-- Women are more concerned about how they look than men are.