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A Randomized Trial Of External Beam Radiotherapy Versus Cryoablation In Patients With Localized Prostate Cancer

August 01, 2017

UroToday - This type of trial is very difficult to conduct, resulting in slow accrual, and ultimately, early closure. Thus the study is underpowered. Other shortcomings are pointed out in our discussion.

As an equivalence study, it meets the 4 criteria for such an undertaking: margin clearly stated initially sample size indicated reported on an intention to treat (ITT) basis, and confidence intervals reported The results are presented very clearly and openly, and the data is clean.

While there is no difference between arms at 36-month follow-up, there is a clear trend in favour of Cryo with time. This is seen at 5 years using the original biochemical failure definition (PSA > 1.0), and at 7 years using the new ASCO definition (Nadir + 2).

Fourteen patients underwent repeat Cryo more than 6 months after initial treatment and are all counted as failures. In fact, 6 of these patients remain disease free 7 to 9 years later. As a clinician, I consider these treatment successes. If these cases are counted in the Cryo arm as successes, then the difference between treatments is more pronounced.

It is very unlikely that this work will be duplicated.

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